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Navy Federal Credit Union

Security Center

Member Security Essentials

Member Security Essentials

Protecting your accounts is a top priority for Capital Trust Union. Whether you bank on your mobile* device or online, your personal data could be vulnerable to identity theft and other attacks. Using state-of-the-art fraud prevention systems, our dedicated staff constantly monitors your accounts for suspicious activity.

A strong username and password provide extra security for
your account.

Here are some tips for creating strong sign-in credentials:

  1. Choose a unique username that you don't use for any other site (and one that can't be guessed easily).
  2. Use a combination of letters (both capital and lower case), numbers and special characters (like "&" or "%") for your password.
  3. Never use personally identifiable information like name, birth date, Social Security Number, or email address.
  4. Never use common dictionary words.

Credit & Debit Card Fraud

We work around the clock monitoring your account for fraudulent activity. Learn what it takes to protect yourself from becoming a victim and what to do if your accounts are ever compromised.

Phishing Scams

Scammers will try to get you to share your personal information through email, telephone, text and even social media attacks. Report any suspicious messages you receive to

Online & Mobile Security

Cyber security attacks can take many forms and utilize all web-capable devices to access and compromise your personal data. Arm yourself against the threat and immediately report questionable activity.

ATM Security

We want our members to know they're secure, no matter which ATM they use. Learn how we protect our members and what more you can do to ensure you're protected.

Fraud Reporting

You might notice a strange transaction on your card statement, or you received medical bills for a doctor you never visited. If you suspect you're a victim of identity theft, find out how to report the incident, and we'll help you prevent any further damage.